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What if I told you that you could create your own reality, attain oneness with God, wage a war against capitalism, and do it all without changing any of your core beliefs?

1. Seeing that man is dead,

2. And seeing that the world over is governed by media and transactions,

3. We service a feeble guess that religion, or "God" must be dead.

4. Noting, then, that love abounds in all forms, regardless of the perception of gender or sexuality,

5. And those who rule are not only immune to prosecution, but are too consumed by a perpetual agony, bearing the weight of eons of devilish propaganda,

6. We awaken to the realization that the ends of humanity can be found in her ability to foster an environment of forgiveness and acceptance, capitalizing on her inherent humility;

7. Removing, then, the concept of disbelief, if but temporarily, our vision is unobscured long enough to determine what is meant by this observation - "Man is dead" - in the world of transactions and activity,

8. We begin to glimpse the last frontier of the religion of Man.

9. Economics, politics, and opinion are dead, along with Man. There is but one commandment left to follow in the age of transactions, in order to guarantee closeness with the Creator.

10. The capitalist machine depends not on labor, gender, or any of these things. It depends entirely upon usury.

11. So long as one contributes to the economy of usury, it matters little what they believe - they will ultimately be held to task for every needless act of consumption.

12. To live righteously means to live minimally, to forbid the intake of anything that does not aid survival.

13. Work solely, then, on behalf of those living amongst the ruins of wars waged by capitalists, of those with no water, no food.

14. Those who read this and continue on, indulging in the latest trends, streaming songs or movies, or otherwise engaging in the economy of needless transactions - these will be among the losers.

15. Time will come when those who live in sin and heedlessness of the laws of God will increase in knowledge and power over many believers, ones who have closed off their wealth and clung to more than what is needed.

16. So, then, would you like to be among the losers or among the winners?




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